3 Stresses That Didn’t Ruin Our Wedding Day

3 things that almost ruined our wedding & how to keep your head when something goes wrong

I got married recently & it was the most perfect day. But a perfect day doesn’t just happen without anything going wrong first. If you only want to read about our day & all the amazing events that happened to get there then you should read this post. But if you want the uncensored truth behind the perfect day, you’ll find the 3 main things that caused my wedding stress below. From day one you’re told all about ‘wedding stress’ & how hard it can be to plan a wedding & it can be, depending on your personality.  I feel […]

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Love, Proposals & Marriage – Part 1

My story of finding Mr Right, the proposal & the marriage.

I’ve been told from the woman folk in my life that two of the happiest days in their lives have been their wedding day & the birth of their child/children. For the first time in my life, I can understand what they meant & how they felt. On May 6th I married my handsome husband. It was a stunning day filled with love, joy & laughter. And yes, it was the happiest day of my life so far. And how could it not be, I was surrounded by friends & family in my favourite place, marrying the man I love. A […]

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