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Is it odd that my inspiration to start writing for my blog again has come from watching a movie about one of America’s greatest writers?

I suppose it’s not really that odd. If you can’t get inspiration from a famous writer, then where can you?

I’m currently sitting here at my computer after spending the last half hour contemplating where I want this blog to go. I couldn’t sleep, and for me, that is a rarity. So here I am sharing my thoughts with my long-lost audience.

I think I might change my tack a bit with this blog, not write about all the things everyone else is writing about. Not pretend that I have some sort of hidden knowledge that no-one else has ever shared before. But to write about my life and my experiences as they are, raw and unabiding.

I will include the things I love, the things I make, and the things that aren’t all that exciting.
I hope that by writing like this you will enjoy my words and my honesty and follow me on my adventures, thoughts & whims.

So wish me luck as I open up the doors to my life, hoping that you find it as interesting as I am sure I will in 50 years time.



If you haven’t worked out my inspiration yet, it’s Ernest Hemingway. The movie was called Hemingway & Gellhorn.
I haven’t read any of his novels yet and I have a thing for reading the classics, I blame school for this. Everyone else’s lack of interest in the books we were studying spurred mine.
I feel that they are not as appreciated these days with all the digital medias that are out there these days. It’s nice to hold an old book that has been read by many people before you and sink into the story.
Have you read any of Hemingway’s novels. Do you have any recommendations? I was thinking I’d start with ‘The Old Man & The Sea’, it’s listed as number one in Goodreads.com‘s list ‘Best of Hemingway’.

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