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Welcome to a little piece of ME!

I’m Mardi and this is my blog about a bit of everything. I’ve been a tad eclectic my josh-i-bwwhole life so why stop now!

I love everything bright, fun & pretty, the sun, flowers, friendships, family, the ocean, the snow, and the goodness in every day. My favourite flowers are poppies (at the moment), I love fun music like swing and jazz and well pretty much most music (minus the angry stuff), and my favourite quote is from Axel Munth:-

“My home shall be open for the sun and
the wind and the voices of the sea
– like a Greek temple –
and light, light, light everywhere”

My goal here is to share with you the things I love.

I love a good adventure. Be it camping, hiking, fishing, diving, or even getting lost. I’ve grown up camping every year at places like Innaminka, Mast Head Island, Bundjalung NP, Mutawintji NP, Mungo NP, Ben Boyd NP and many, many more.  So I have a great appreciation of going and finding new and interesting places. I’ve also just spent the last 5 years exploring new and wonderful places with my old job! So you’ll be finding a few write-ups on places I’ve been to and hope to go to.

The world is now my home. My husband & I have set off on a big trip travelling Europe & the UK. It’s so exciting, I’ve wanted to go travelling like this for years & now it’s finally happening. And guess what? I’ll be sharing all my journeys abroad with you, my audience. I’ll have lots of great advice on places to go & things to see. As well as tips on things to make travelling easier for everyone.

I also hope to be able to share recipes from my travels as well as DIY projects & some lifestyle tips.


How I live my life:

And on a final note, because I feel this sums up how I want to live my life just perfectly;

“Stop worrying about tomorrow like you worried about today, yesterday because today is fine and it’ll be the same tomorrow just like yesterday…enjoy, have fun, explore, experience, take risks, live as if you’ll die tomorrow, dream as if you’ll live forever.”


So those are a few things you’ll find here on my blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it!


About ME, have a read and find out about me and what you'll find here on my blog


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