Deep Dark Chocolate Cake

Delicious & easy family chocolate cake recipe!

Delicious & easy family chocolate cake recipe!

This is the best chocolate cake in the world!! Massive claim hey? But really it’s so good. Ok, ok I haven’t tried every chocolate cake in the world but I’m sure if I did it’d definitely be up there!

I don’t really remember where this cake recipe came from. Mum got it from a friend I think. All my memory of it is that one minute there was life with no Deep Dark Chocolate Cake and the next minute there was life with Deep Dark Chocolate Cake. 

Delicious & easy family chocolate cake recipe! 

Ok, so why do I think it’s the best chocolate cake? Well, let me give you a couple of dot points:

1. It tastes amazing. Of course!

2. It’s gorgeously soft & moist.

3. It lasts for ages, you can keep it for up to a week and it’ll still be fresh. 

4. It’s really rich. 

5. It’s probably as easy as making a packet cake. I don’t really make them so I’m not to sure.

6. It’s versatile. You can use the same recipe for muffins or cupcakes.

7. It doubles really well.

8. It works great as a tiered cake.

9. It’s a great gift idea. Mix all the dry ingredients in a jar then label it with the instruction for adding the wet ingredients.

…..annnnnd by a couple, I mean 9.

So there you have it, my 8 reasons why this cake is the best darn chocolate cake in the world!

Delicious & easy family chocolate cake recipe!

So have I convinced you yet? Are you at the point where you want me to shut up and just give you the recipe!?

Well ok, you can have it. Just enter your details below to join my tribe and you’ll get access to my free resource library where you’ll find the recipe! You’ll also find some other recipes, a calendar and more printables, plus you’ll get monthly updates on what has been happening on Collectively ME!

For me, this is a family recipe. I don’t want to just put it up for everyone to see, which is why only the awesome people that are supporting me on my blogging journey will get access!

Delicious & easy family chocolate cake recipe!

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