Climb a Mountain, Swim in the Sea & Eat Under The Stars

Cocktails On The Beach - A Day In Naxos

Heading to the Greek Islands or Naxos more specifically? Good choice! We have recently spent 11 days living & exploring Naxos. Eating where the locals eat, hiking where the loca….actually it’s probably only tourists that do the hiking (let’s be honest) & swimming where everybody should swim at least once in their […]

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A Swim Through The Door

Durdle Door. A Swim Through The Door

Durdle Door; how awesome is this name. Duuuurrrdlllle Dooooor. I just like saying it, ha ha. So anyway, we went to visit Durdle Door in Dorset (it just keeps getting better, right!). The ‘Durdle Door‘ is located a short walk from Lulworth in Dorset, England. It is a naturally formed limestone arch […]

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My Top 3 Copenhagen Eats

Top 3 Eats & restaurants in Copenhagen. Collectively Me

Now, obviously, I wasn’t able to eat at every restaurant in Copenhagen. But we did try a few so I thought I’d put together my top 3 Copenhagen eats. These 3 restaurants are all at different price points, providing something for everyone’s budget. Funnily enough, 2 of them aren’t even […]

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The Nice Travel Lessons

My story of finding Mr Right, the proposal & the marriage.

I know I have talked about it before, but this is it the big journey we have been waiting for, as you may have read or worked out already our lives are now anything but normal. We’ve been travelling for 6months now and have learned a lot. Along with the […]

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10 Unique Date Ideas

Coming up with date night ideas can be one of the hardest things to do, especially if you’re not really a romantic. When Josh said he was doing this post I was impressed, can’t say he’s taken me on many of these dates! My date night/day expectations have definitely just […]

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5 Tech Gadget Gifts For Travellers

GIFT IDEAS. collectivelyme

Have a friend/co-worker/family that’s going travelling & want to get them a little something for their trip? Here are 5 tech gadget gifts that’ll be perfect for your wonderlust friend.     1. Portable Charger  These Mi (Xiamo) Portable Charges have to be the best I’ve ever used. They charge quickly […]

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5 Things to Think About Before Travelling Next

Travel shop. Items you should take travelling.

Since my first trip overseas in 2011, I have learnt a lot about what things to think about before travelling. I have been asked multiple times what are the important little things that are the least planned before people go on a trip.  The 5 points below are a selection […]

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How to Download & Use Google Maps Offline

How to Use Google Maps Offline. Collectively ME

Not going to have phone data on your next trip? Luckily for you, my hubby has put together a guide on how to use Google Maps offline. Offline you question? Crazy right? But it’s true & you are not the first person to be shocked. We were too when we […]

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The Best Travel Booking Sites

Travel Booking sites. Collectively ME

Booking travel is sometimes the most stressful part of a holiday. When we first started on our big trip I had no idea where to start when looking for great travel deals. We had a travel agent book our initial flights & that probably cost more than what I’d be […]

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The Two Best Currency Exchange Apps

I have gotten to the point where some serious research into the best way to get money paid to me & to exchange money while overseas is required. This has led me to find what I think are the two best currency exchange apps. I have now been living overseas […]

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