10 Unique Date Ideas

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Great Date Ideas. Collectively MEComing up with date night ideas can be one of the hardest things to do, especially if you’re not really a romantic. When Josh said he was doing this post I was impressed, can’t say he’s taken me on many of these dates! My date night/day expectations have definitely just gotten a little higher!

Here is a list of unique & fun ideas to help you plan your next date night.

Great Date Ideas. Jazz Bar. Collectively ME 4
1. Jazz Club/Comedy Club Night

I’ve always loved going to a cool jazz bar and having a couple of drinks & some nibbles while hearing some cool smooth jazz. Take your special someone and make a night of it. If jazz isn’t your thing then how about up and coming comedians, poets, singers the list goes on. You will be surprised what’s happening in your area. Find the best place near you by heading to Tripadvisor, they offer some great deals & brilliant recommendations.

Great Date Ideas. Treasure Trail. Collectively ME
2. Clue Treasure Trail

Create a set of clues that each lead to the next. Make it personal, to do with your relationship, such as places that hold importance to you both or clues that link your history together. Creating a trip down memory lane and a good day out.

The possibilities with this are really endless, for example you could go all out and start the day by leaving the first clue which takes your partner to meet you for a massage or spa trip then the next to find a present hidden at your favourite café for lunch, filling in time with other clues & finally finishing off at a romantic dinner for two. 

3. Dance Lesson

My wife and I took dance lessons for our wedding dance and had a ball. We both aren’t avid dancers but once we got there and got a few moves down we felt like pros. We really started to enjoy ourselves and were encouraged to try out some other types of dances like tango and foxtrot.

The energy of the instructors and other people there is infectious and you can’t help having a good time. And who knows these new moves may come in handy next time you step on the D-floor.
If you’re interested, here is a link to Tripadvisor, where they offer good deals & local recommendations for your area. Have fun!

4. Host a Scorned-Lover’s Murder Mystery

This is probably my favourite idea of the lot! I know it’s not quite a 1 on 1 style date but grab your couple friends & turn it into a double or triple date, it’ll be so much fun all the same.

If you haven’t done a murder mystery party it’s time to give it a go! There are heaps of free templates online that explain how it works so you could host one yourself. Add a meal and some drinks and you’re in for a great night in.
You can find some great murder mystery board game options here at Amazon.

Great Date Ideas. Fine Dining at Home. Collectively ME
5. Stage Your Own Fine Dining Experience at Home

While cooking a meal for your partner isn’t that original let’s take it up a notch. Clear a space in your house/apartment and set it up like a proper restaurant. I’m talking flowers, white tablecloth, candles and music or even a fireplace video on your tv.

Prepare a full three-course meal & mix your favourite drinks, you could even rope in a friend to dress like a waiter, now that’s next level. 

6. Do a Class Together

Find something you will both enjoy and book it in. Not only will it be a great new experience and day out you will be learning a new skill together & will have another thing in common. Examples are cooking classes, pottery or art class, scuba diving lessons, golf, tennis, shooting, archery, so many options!
Find the best classes in your area by following this link to Tripadvisor, you’ll be dancing the night away in no time.

7. Games Night at Home

Build a pillow fort, grab some chocolate strawberries + rosé & get a sexy board game. There are heaps of different versions to choose from and can add a lot of fun to getting intimate. Here are a few popular versions on Amazon.  Or you could create your own games with their own rules and rewards.

Great Date Ideas. Hike + Picnic. Collectively ME
8. Hike With a Gourmet Picnic

There are so many companies these days that make pre-packed picnics with wine or bubbles included. So pack your picnic & set off on an adventure! Hiking is always more fun when there is a destination to reach so find a trail that rakes you to an amazing view or waterfall or beach, a perfect spot for a romantic picnic. Spending time together out in wild and sharing a delicious meal at your destination.
Find the best hikes in your area by following this link to Tripadvisor, they have some beautiful recommendations.

9. Dinner on a Boat

There are lots of deals in various places around the globe so if you live close enough to a body of water see if you can organise a dinner or sunset cruise for you and that special someone. There is truly something magical about watching the sunset over the water.
Find the best dinner cruisers in your area by following this link to Tripadvisor, they offer some great deals & stunning outings.Great Date Ideas. Outdoor Cinema. Collectively ME

10. Create Your Own Cinema

These days there are tons of mini projectors you can buy at very reasonable prices. Find a large blank wall or hang up a white sheet & have your very own indoor or outdoor cinema! String up some fairy lights, put on the popcorn and drag out the mattress & pillows to create yourself a magical movie experience.
You can find some fantastic projector options here at Amazon.


Got any other unique date ideas? I’d love to hear about them so I can sneakily leave them in places that Josh will find them!

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Great Date Ideas. Collectively ME

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