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Welcome to a little piece of ME!


I’m Mardi & I’m currently travelling the world with my husband, Josh!
I’ve been wanting to move overseas for a very long time & now we’ve finally done it. We got married & headed abroad for an extended honeymoon.

I love everything bright, fun & pretty, the sun, flowers, friendships, family, the ocean, the snow, the goodness in every day & of course getting away, travelling. My favourite flowers are poppies (at the moment), I love fun music like swing and jazz and well pretty much most music (minus the angry stuff), and my favourite quote is from Axel Munth:-

“My home shall be open for the sun and
the wind and the voices of the sea
– like a Greek temple –
and light, light, light everywhere”


When travelling I love going off the beaten track. I love finding those little shops cafes & hidden museums that you won’t hear about in the tourist guides. Don’t get me wrong I also love the touristy sites but there is just something so special about stumbling across a gorgeous authentic restaurant hidden away in the side streets of a city.

I hope you enjoy all we have to share & get inspired to pack your bags and explore the world with us.


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