How to Download & Use Google Maps Offline

How to Use Google Maps Offline. Collectively ME
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How to Use Google Maps Offline. Collectively MENot going to have phone data on your next trip? Luckily for you, my hubby has put together a guide on how to use Google Maps offline.

Offline you question? Crazy right? But it’s true & you are not the first person to be shocked. We were too when we discovered it, all this time of being annoyed when our maps wouldn’t load because of lack of data & all we needed to do was download the map for our location prior to losing reception or wi-fi.
So yes, now you can download all the maps you need prior to your trip & not have to worry about having reception, data, or wi-fi.

Step-By-Step Guide

    1. Download Google Maps App to your Smartphone/Tablet etc.
    2. Open application on device.
    3. You should be on this screen to start with, looking at the maps page with a blue marker indicating your location similar to Figure 1. 

      How to Use Google Maps Offline. Collectively ME
      Figure 1: Start page for Google Maps
    4.  Next, you need to select the menu button which is located on the left-hand side of the search bar (the three horizontal lines) as seen in Figure 2. 

      How to Use Google Maps Offline. Collectively ME
      Figure 2: Drop-down menu location
    5. Once selected the menu drop down will open which should look similar to Figure 3 below. 

      How to Use Google Maps Offline. Collectively ME
      Figure 3: Menu drop down
    6. At this stage, you will need to make sure you have logged into your google account. This is important because I don’t believe you can use offline maps without an account. This shouldn’t be a problem since it’s easy to make a new account and it’s free. Just follow the sign in process and come back to here once done. 

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    7. Now you just need to select the “offline maps” option from the menu. This should take you to the screen as seen below in Figure 4.

      How to Use Google Maps Offline. Collectively ME
      Figure 4: Example of offline maps screen
    8. You should see here the option to download either a local or custom map. Either selection will work with local taking you to your current GPS Position and custom just giving you the option to search the place you require.
    9. For the purpose of this instruction, I have selected to use the custom map option for the city of Brisbane, Australia as seen in Figure 5 below. How to Use Google Maps Offline. Collectively ME 1
    10. At this point you can zoom in and out to define the size of the area you would like to download, generally, I capture the whole of a city but cut out the rural area surrounding unless we plan to head out of town while there. This cuts down on the size of the download and space required on your phone to store it.
    11. Once happy just press download and wait for it to finish. Once complete you will be able to see the saved maps in the offline maps tab where you can rename them to whatever you like and it will show you the details of your maps as well as an option to delete old ones.
    12. Be aware that the offline map has a 30-day lifespan before it will need to be re-downloaded, this is to ensure your maps always stay up to date.


And that’s it, you now have the map saved on your phone for when you need directions but don’t have any data. Pretty nifty right?!

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