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Nice Lessons Learned While Travelling. CollectivelyemeI know I have talked about it before, but this is it the big journey we have been waiting for, as you may have read or worked out already our lives are now anything but normal. We’ve been travelling for 6months now and have learned a lot. Along with the bad things we are happy to announce that there are good lessons to learn & I’m about to share with you the nice travel lessons we’ve learned on our adventures so far.

Not The Average Couple

We never wanted to be your average couple, we didn’t want to follow society’s plan that seemed to be laid out in front of us.

Finish school,
Get a job & work hard,
Find a partner, get married,
Get a house (mortgage) debt
More debt,
Get old & wait for kids to leave to then begin to enjoy retirement.

Ok so that’s not quite true, we do want to do all that, just not in the traditional way. Not that there’s anything wrong with the traditional way, it’s just not for us, not our style.The Nice Travel Lessons. Collectively me

We began to soul search, thinking about what we could do to break free from the rat race. And we both agreed we needed to see the world before tying ourselves to anything else.  So that’s what we did! Our sequence so far is something like this

Buy a house with land,
Get engaged,
Buy one-way tickets to the UK/EU,
Build 2 houses on vacant block next to new house,
Quit our jobs,
Pack & sell all our belongings,
Get married,
Move in with mum,
Get tenants into the new houses,
Hop on a plane & start our big adventure!

Yes, it was a busy year prior to flying out. But once we had got through it all we felt amazing, having only the gear we could carry we set off on our grand tour for 18+ months. We decided that the best bits will be classified as our honeymoon (smart right).The Nice Travel Lessons. Collectively me

It has now been 6 months since we left Australia our family, friends and jobs for the unknown.  Having hiked around the base of Mont Blanc, spent a month soaking up the sun and cocktails in Athens and the Greek islands, to sightseeing in Paris, England and Copenhagen we have seen a lot and are still only just getting started.

Everyone always goes on, myself included until this point, about the things that could go wrong when travelling & how to prevent them. I’ve decided that it’s time to share some of the nice lessons we’ve learned along our travels so far.

Decluttering Your Life Feels Amazing

Sometimes the best thing to do is to declutter your life. And what better way to do that than pack up your life & fit it into a suitcase or backpack. These days we all have so much ‘stuff’ & it’s so exhausting. I didn’t realise this until we threw out or sold everything except about 5 boxes. 

The need to have ‘stuff’ is definitely a habit. We quickly started accumulating ‘stuff’ all over again when we started travelling, but instead of keeping it you have to throw it out or pass it on to someone else because honestly you just can’t do it. You end up having way too many bags & they weigh a ton. nice travel lessons learned. collectively me

I realise you may be thinking “that’s great guys, but how can you/I/anyone afford to just up and leave like that?” Well, you’re right, & that brings me to my next point.

Working Is Sometimes Part of The Adventure

It’s not cheap & we both had to work hard before leaving to have a little (& I mean it was tiny, about $8,000AUD between us) nest egg for when we arrived. And since being here we both have to work to support ourselves. But that’s all part of the adventure for us, it helps you meet people and really get the feel for a place.

And unless you’re incredibly well off or have been saving for 10 years you need to work so that you can keep going on adventures. We are currently saving so we can go stay in the south of France. Cheese & wine here we come.

While there we plan on working too. Now this work is going to be a serious adventure. We’re going to get jobs on Super Yachts & sail with the elegant & wealthy for a season. This will then fund our travels over winter. Win, win if you ask me.

Take A Break & Relax

You shouldn’t need a holiday after your holiday. Yes, you may have been saving for this one trip for a long time & want to squeeze as much in as possible but sometimes it’s nice to just go for a casual stroll through a city. Just relax, the sights aren’t going anywhere & sometimes you find more interesting things when just exploring the streets.

We’ve found so many restaurants, cafes, random museums, churches, rivers, & parks while just going for a casual walk. And it allows you to get away from all the crowds. Oh my god! The crowds. I’m so over fighting for places in queues & positions to see displays in museums & galleries.

If you’re travelling for a longer period, like us. You are definitely going to need some downtime. Find somewhere you want to spend a bit of time & that’s not to expensive & just chill for a couple of weeks. Build a routine, go for walks, organise your photos! Just unwind.nice travel lessons learned. collectively me 2

This is going to be a really important part of this trip for us. Making the time to stop going, to stop trying to squeeze the most out of every day because we are on a holiday & just try to unwind. After all, I feel that you only really start to appreciate a place when you slow down and take the time to understand it.

Living Like The Locals

We were living in a small town in the Cotswolds, England until New Year’s. Josh got a part-time job at a local shop to earn some much-needed travel funds and I was a kept woman. I’m joking, I’m joking well sort of, I did try to get some work but unfortunately wasn’t able to land anything.

We ended up here because we were house-sitting for Josh’s aunt & uncle. We’re very lucky to have had this connection. Before they left we got introduced to what felt like half the village, who made us feel at home while we stayed there.

Luckily for you, you don’t need to have family that need house sitters to find a little village to relax in. There are lots of house-sitting websites that provide you with hundreds of options in most countries. Perfect if you’re like us & have a tight budget.

The cold has now really set in so we have had the fire going and getting nice and cosy in the lounge catching up on all our favourite shows. It’s really exciting for us as it will be our first proper winter and maybe white Christmas together (fingers crossed). Coming from Australia where its stinking hot this time of year the novelty is yet to wear off!

Admiring The Small Things

When travelling for an extended period of time you get to stop & take in the small things. It took us a little while to get used to it because we’ve never had a long holiday that we can just go somewhere & not feel like you have to fit everything in. But eventually we did, & once we did we started to relax & enjoy so much more of our holiday than we thought possible.nice travel lessons learned. collectively me 2

Having stopped for a while in the Cotswolds we were able to look forward to more of your everyday things. For example, we planned to spend Christmas taking part in as many of the local events as possible; the pantomime, carols and other activities. I have been going to the local book club with the ladies and Josh has been invited the men’s beer club which as the name describes is just a chance for the husbands to go have a drink. Classic.

This time has also allowed us to stop & reflect back on what we have done so far. To be able to appreciate it all the more & look forward to what is to come.

So that’s us for the moment it felt great putting this all in writing so I hope you enjoy reading it and take away some of the things we have learnt in our short time away.

Have you been inspired to travel for the long term? Or really want to but don’t know if you could give up what’s going on in your life right now to do it? Leave a comment below I would love to hear from you.


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