My Top 3 Copenhagen Eats

Top 3 Eats & restaurants in Copenhagen. Collectively Me
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Top 3 Eats & restaurants in Copenhagen. Collectively MeNow, obviously, I wasn’t able to eat at every restaurant in Copenhagen. But we did try a few so I thought I’d put together my top 3 Copenhagen eats. These 3 restaurants are all at different price points, providing something for everyone’s budget.

Funnily enough, 2 of them aren’t even Danish. We found that Copenhagen is a very multi-cultural city with a lot of foreign cuisines options.Top 3 Eats & restaurants in Copenhagen. Collectively Me

1. Gastronomia Italian

– Prices range from $10AUD for a Regular pizza to $18AUD for a Family pizza.

The pizza we got from Gastronomia Italian Diece was absolutely amazing! Until this point in my life, the only pizza I had tasted that was better than this was actually in Italy. Soooo that’s a pretty big deal.

We ordered the Capriosca (tomato, cheese, ital. cooked ham, mushrooms). It was about the size of a coffee table, ok maybe slightly smaller, it depends on the coffee table. We got it to go with some beers & went & sat at the Litauens Plads before devouring the whole thing. Which was easy enough to do, it had an amazingly crisp outer crust & a sturdy yet slightly soft base, just the way we like it. For such a large pizza the toppings were really generous & the flavour was delicious. 

Turns out that this Italian shop is also a chain. Go figure, who would have thought that pizza this good would be part of a franchise. For all their locations just head to their website or for the one we went to go here

Top 3 Eats & restaurants in Copenhagen. Collectively Me
Image from District Tonkin

2. District Tonkin

– Prices range from $9AUD to $25AUD depending on what you order.

As soon as we walked in we knew the food was going to be delicious. The whole place smelt like what I imagine the street scene in Vietnam would smell like. Apparently in Hanoi a vibrant & special evening street life culture has developed providing inspiration for the owner of District Tonkin, who herself, has a Vietnamese background. 

I call this one the mid-range restaurant because you are going to want to buy more than one thing especially if you are with your other half or a group of friends. Unlike the pizza, you can’t share a serving of fried rolls & feel full. 

Walking in you go down some stairs into what feels like a cosy little den with Vietnamese styled decor (surprise, surprise). We got a Pork Vietnamese Sandwich each & a serving of BBQ Pork Fried Rolls, both of which were as expected, amazing! So much flavour wrapped in a roll!

It turns out that it’s not only me that thinks this place is amazing, they are the winner of the AOK BEST STREET FOOD IN TOWN 2017. Oh, & it turns out they have a sister shop too. You can find it here or the one we went to here. Check out their website here.

Top 3 Eats & restaurants in Copenhagen. Collectively Me3. Gemyse

– Prices range from $7AUD for a Snack to $57AUD per head for their Daily Special (add an extra $23AUD for fish or meat).

Ok so now we are being fancy. Gemyse is a Danish restaurant located in the middle of the Tivoli. It is owned by the renowned Nimb family who has been some of Copenhagens biggest gastronomic influencers since the 1800’s.

You may have worked this out already but Gemyse is a Vegetable focused restaurant. They source fresh organic vegetables from local providers to change your opinion of the standard carrot, onion & even broccoli. It was so tasty, even the guys that are normally 100% meat lovers enjoyed it.

We had the Daily Special which consists of 6 vegetarian dishes served in a family style down the centre of the table. I can’t even begin to describe the presentation & flavours. They were all such delicious dishes that didn’t even need a meat or fish option with them. Unfortunately, my photos didn’t turn out as well as I hoped due to the low lighting. 

The style of the restaurant is gorgeous. They’ve kind of designed it to be like a greenhouse with warm lighting & a Nordic, pale-timber, smoky fire, atmosphere.

Oh, & here’s a fun fact; ‘Gemyse’ is the German word for Vegetables. Go figure!

Two Runners Up

Top 3 Eats & restaurants in Copenhagen. Collectively Me1. Absalon

If you happen to find yourself in Vesterbro I highly recommend heading to the repurposed church, Absalon, on Sønder Blvd. It is now used as a ‘Playful Community House’ & they do live music, ping pong tournaments & Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. We went for dinner one night & loved it. 

You get sat at these big long tables with everyone else & the food is laid out family style. When we were there it was Lamb Shepards pie, Roasted Cauliflower with these smoky/spicy chopped nuts & tzatziki sauce + some yummy rye bread. There was more than enough food for everyone, I think I ended up having 2 servings of everything….aka Fatty Magee over here! 

I think all up it cost about $30AUD for the two of us including a glass of wine each. Not bad if you ask me.

Top 3 Eats & restaurants in Copenhagen. Collectively Me2. Paper Island Street Food

And as you may have guessed, it was packed with street food stalls! So many delicious looking foods to try. There were stalls for the classic open Danish Sandwich, burger stores, loaded fries with duck & peking sauce (honestly, I don’t know how we went pass these without getting any), & that’s only to name a very small portion of what was on offer.

We ended up going with the surf & turf beef burger which was topped with prawns & scallops. We almost went with the ostrich burger but we just couldn’t pass up the seafood. All I can say is that it didn’t fail to impress. Yum, just yum.

I can’t quite remember how much it was but I do know that everything in there was at a reasonable street food price.


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