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5 Tech Gadgets for Your Wonderlust Friends. Collectivelyme Gifts

Have a friend/co-worker/family that’s going travelling & want to get them a little something for their trip? Here are 5 tech gadget gifts that’ll be perfect for your wonderlust friend. 

1. Portable Charger 

These Mi (Xiamo) Portable Charges have to be the best I’ve ever used. They charge quickly & recharge my devices without starting to drain them if it goes flat mid-charge. Yes, this is an issue that I’ve had with other (cheaper) portable charges.

This would have to be one of the best gifts you could give to a traveller!

Honestly, I can’t count how many times I have flown to another county or travelled long distances and run out of charge on my phone. To snag a power point at an airport these days is like winning the lottery. When I finally got around to buying myself a portable charger it was like my god why haven’t I had one of these the whole time. Trust me, your friend will be thanking you for a long time.

Price: $20 – $55 for a good quality charger.

2. E-reader 

It took me a while to get my head around not holding a proper book but once I started using my Amazon Kindle while travelling I got over that pretty quickly. If your friend loves a good read then an E-reader would be the perfect gift.

They’ll find that sitting around & waiting tends to be a big part of travelling & having an e-book at hand can cure the boredom in a flash. They are also great to load travel guides onto. instead of carrying around a lonely planet guidebook, just download the e-book version & search what you’re looking for on your kindle.

Price: $30 – $280. You can get secondhand e-books at a good price, for a new Kindle you’ll be looking at $80 for the low end of the range.

If your friend already has an e-book or looking for a gift on the cheaper side? How about getting them a subscription to Kindle Unlimited? It allows them the freedom to explore millions of books, magazines, or audiobooks to any device with the Kindle app. 

Price: $9.99/mth

3. Noise Cancelling Ear/Headphones

Nobody likes using aeroplane earphones. So getting your friend a good pair just for them is an ideal gift. I prefer the Noise Cancelling Headphones so I don’t have to hear everyone’s noise. The beauty behind these is that you don’t even have to have music or sound on for them to work. And you can now get them in both earbud style or headset style.

Price: $15 – $150. The price obviously varies depending on the style & brand you go with.

Your friend already has their favourite set of head/earphones? Not to worry, you can get them this awesome adapter. It’s designed to go in the two-pronged aeroplane sound jack so that you hear everything through both ears, not just the one.

Price: $15 for a good quality one

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4. GPS Watch

Is your friend into hiking, climbing, or just general exploring? Then you should get them a GPS Watch (or put in with some mates to get them one, they can be a bit pricey). Depending on the type you get, they will be able to track where they’re going or input a route prior to leaving. With giving a gift like this you can rest assured that your mate will be able to find their way back home.

Price: $150-$350 for a good quality watch.

5. Head Torch

A Head Torch may sound a bit weird, & your friend might think so too, but I can’t count how many times I have needed a torch in my travels and just not had one available. Think of it like Swiss Army Knife (another good gift idea actually), the only time you need it is the time you don’t have it on you.

Torches don’t need to be expensive so just get a small compact one so they can sore it with their travel gear. A headlamp is a perfect option especially if they like hiking & camping. As a tip, try to find one with a red light as well as the white light, your mate’s camping buddies will thank you.

Price: $15 – $150.  Again it all depends on the style & brand you go with.


Obviously this list barely even scratches the surface when it comes to gadgets you can buy people for gifts! The items I have listed are all things that I, myself as a traveller, have used & been thankful to have with me when travelling. So I am sure the person you are shopping for will feel the same way.

Good luck with your shopping!

Did this list help you find something or at least give you some ideas? Please leave a comment below, I’d love to know.

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