5 Tips to Help you Unwind

These are some great tips that I highly recommend to help you unwind!
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These are some great tips that I highly recommend to help you unwind!

I often like to get up early and go to the beach to do my exercises. And it was such a beautiful morning this morning that it inspired me to share it with you.
I usually try to go to the beach at least once a week. I find it soothes my soul and helps me unwind. The beach in the morning is definitely my calming place. It’s just so peaceful, a great place to stop and think.
Do you have a place you like to go above all others to just relax and unwind?

These are some great tips that I highly recommend to help you unwind!

1. You Time
Take a couple of hours out from your day every now and then. Everything is going to be there when you get back, your life isn’t going to go caput if you take some ‘me time’. If anything it allows you to reflect and reassess to go back with a clear frame of mind.  Grab a cup of tea or cool drink, that magazine you bought last month and haven’t read or that book you got for Christmas and sit down and relax, clear your mind and just unwind.

2. Take a Nap
Just because you’re now an adult doesn’t mean you can’t take a day nap. The Europeans have been doing it for centuries and they have one of the most relaxed yet productive lifestyles. And guess what, scientists have now confirmed the benefits of having a siesta and have issued guidelines for the perfect nap! They’ve concluded that a short siesta after lunch can help reduce stress, help cardiovascular functions and improve alertness and memory. So get rid of the guilt of wanting to have a afternoon kip and get napping.

3. Write it Down
Writing down the things that are on your mind can help to de-clutter and clear it. Knowing that they’re there for you to work through later will help to take your mind off them while you’re trying to rest.

4. Exercise
Go for a walk, a swim, a run, a hike, play some tennis or join a sports team. By exercising you boost your feel-good neuro-transmitters called endorphins. It’s pretty much meditation in motion. During a fast-paced game or swim, you tend to forget your day’s woes and focus on your muscle movement. This movement helps to release your day’s tensions resulting in optimism and a calm and clear approach to everything you do.

5 ways to help you unwind and relax

5. Treat Yourself
By looking after yourself first you are more capable of looking after others. Every now and then treat yourself to something you’ve been putting off. As an example, I’ve been trying to save money so I cut out a heap of things that I felt weren’t entirely necessary, like getting my eyebrows done professionally. In the end, I realised that getting this done by a pro, in turn, helped me feel better about myself so it was worth the cost each month.
So go ahead and treat yourself, get your nails done or those highlights you’ve been wanting or even just take yourself to a cafe for breakfast with a good book.  The most important person to you should be you, look after yourself so you can then look after others.





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