5 Ways To See The Big Game If You Don’t Have Tickets!

other options when you don't have tickets for gameday
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other options when you don't have tickets for gameday

So I’ve grown up in a family that loves the Cricket, Rugby Union, AFL & Tennis. Every summer the cricket or tennis is on the TV and every winter would be the footy. Now you’d think growing up surrounded by this would make me an avid viewer, well, you’re wrong. I don’t hang out for gameday. What I do hang out for is the friendship, fun and atmosphere that surrounds these events.

other options when you don't have tickets for gameday
I love going to watch the cricket live, the crowd gets so into it and honestly, it’s a great day out. I also love having it playing on the TV over summer while I’m busy around the house. Not because I follow it religiously and need to know the score, but because I find it kinda comforting. It’s what I’ve grown up with and what is summer without a game of cricket playing in the background. Saying that I still have particular teams I go for and favourites for tennis.

Lately, I’ve noticed how popular the Superbowl is becoming over here. I know it’s a massive affair in the US and I’m not really surprised that sport loving Aussies have developed an interest in it too. I guess this post applies to that as well, especially as we have no chance of getting to a game while living here!


other options when you don't have tickets for gameday

So back to the friends, fun and atmosphere. Often these big sporting events get turned into whole day events that you celebrate with family & friends and if you don’t have tickets to the game you have to come up with another plan of attack, and this is where I shall help you out.

5 Alternatives to Havinf Tickets for Gameday

1. Pub/Bar Venue with Friends

other options when you don't have tickets for gameday

Haven’t got tickets for gameday? Don’t stay at home by yourself! Call up your friends and head down to your local pub, bar or restaurant, grab some drinks and be part of the action. Most venues will be playing the game and without a doubt, you won’t be the only people there watching it! Without being at the game this is the next best place to be because you will still be part of the action. Cheering and booing and getting involved in the friendly heckling that comes with other supporters being around you. 

While going to a venue is still a pricey option because you will be paying for food and drinks, the benefit is once you’re finished, there is no cleanup! You pay your tab and head on home or onto one of your friend’s places to continue the celebrations. How good is no cleanup! Or cooking!


2. Game Day Cook-off

Why not turn your game day celebration into a cook-off competition! We do this every month or so regardless if there is a game on or not and it’s great fun. The idea is you invite a bunch of friends over and each person is to bring their own take on a determined dish! Normally it’s a cult classic like Chicken wings!

I don’t know about you but I love those little suckers. We batter and deep fry ours and coat them in this fantastic BBQ sauce we buy from the local supermarket. And then dipping them in our homemade ranch sauce! Anyway, our friends all do their takes on the wings and it makes for a finger licking good time! Oh and don’t forget the token salad. Lately, ours has been Kale-slaw, don’t even ask where that came from?!

Now it doesn’t need to be wings! Call your friends, sort out the rules and get creative! Get together and share your meals over a couple of cold drinks and the big game. Afterall isn’t it all about good food, good friends and a great day!

other options when you don't have tickets for gameday


3. Hang With The Kids

Now, this is a cool idea for couples with kids! If you don’t have tickets for gameday, grab as many pillows, sheets and furniture and construct yourself a giant pillow fort that opens up onto the TV or even has it inside! Set up heaps of pillows to rest on and organise some awesome food! The kids will love it and so will you!

Even if you don’t have kids, take a trip back to your childhood days and build yourself an adult’s pillow fort, get your friends over and have a unique game day indeed! Make sure to theme it for football by throwing in your teams’ colours as well a football!

And who says you have to take it down straight away. You could love it so much it stays for a while as your new relaxation space. The possibilities are endless!

Wants some inspiration for the fort? Check out this one


4. Online With Friends

A little nerdy? Yeah, but hear me out! Over the years I have made a lot of good friends who have moved away or now live overseas. This makes connecting with them and spending time with them pretty difficult. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Because as you know technology has gotten so much better and programs like skype and facetime are now at a standard where you can host group chats and feel like you’re in the room with your friends and family.

So on that note why not set up a game day conference call where you are part of a group chat from across the world, spending time together while the game is on. This idea is about creating an atmosphere where you can cheer together and just enjoy each other’s company for a couple of hours while talking about the game and everything else.

This may not be an option for everyone because of data usage issues and internet speed. I understand that, but it can make for a great time with close family and friends you may not get to see or speak to that often!


5. A Simple Backyard BBQ

other options when you don't have tickets for gameday

After all these weird & wonderful ideas for when you don’t have tickets for gameday, I had to come back to a good old-fashioned backyard barbeque. I know this isn’t really an option for most Americans out there considering it’s mid-winter for the Superbowl. But over here is Australia it’s a classic. There’s nothing better than a having a group of friends over for the game, a sausage sandwich and a beer.

This is my way of celebrating game day. Hanging out with your friends heckling those that are going for the other team and mixing up with a swim in the pool at halftime.


So there you have it 5 different ways to spend gameday. I hope this helps you to work out what you’ll be doing for the next big game.

Do you have your own unique way to spend gameday? I would love to hear about it in the comment section below!


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