A Swim Through The Door

Durdle Door. A Swim Through The Door
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Title. A Swim Through The DoorDurdle Door; how awesome is this name. Duuuurrrdlllle Dooooor. I just like saying it, ha ha. So anyway, we went to visit Durdle Door in Dorset (it just keeps getting better, right!).

The ‘Durdle Door‘ is located a short walk from Lulworth in Dorset, England. It is a naturally formed limestone arch which forms part of the Jurassic Coast. The coastline is of such international geological importance that it was designated England’s first natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001 and now sits among a family of natural wonders including our very own Great Barrier Reef

So, naturally, we had to see it & go for a swim at the same time. What can I say I’m a water baby & Josh is way too competitive for me to do it & for him miss out.  Can’t say the water was quite as warm as at the Great Barrier Reef but we jumped in all the same.  

I highly recommend you pay it a visit. It is a truly beautiful coastline & there is more to the area than just the Durdle DoorJurassic Coast 3. A Swim Through The Door

To Start Your Day

Get a bus (Bus Time Table is Here) or drive to Lulworth, Dorset. There’s lots of parking especially if you go during the week or in winter. Definitely, try to go during the week, it was fairly busy when we were there & that was a Thursday.

Lulworth is a quaint little fishing, scallop diving & tourist town. It is classified as ‘The Gateway to the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site‘ but is a beautiful town all of its own. Lulworth 1. A Swim Through The Door Lulworth 1. A Swim Through The Door Lulworth 1. A Swim Through The Door Lulworth Scallops. A Swim Through The Door

There are a few cafes & a pub for you to get some refreshments as well as an information centre, a couple of hotels & some little shops. We stopped for lunch at the Lulworth Cove Inn. They’re famous for their award-winning Beef & Tanglefoot Ale Pie, & yes it was delicious.

Go For a Walk

After a bite to eat head down to the Lulworth Cove. This cove used to be very popular with smugglers in the 17th to 19th centuries & you can see why with its protection from the seas & being mostly hidden from sight by surrounding hills.Lulworth Cove 2. A Swim Through The Door Lulworth Cove 2. A Swim Through The Door Lulworth Cove 2. A Swim Through The Door

Next, you should check out Stair Hole, which lies about 100m west of Lulworth Cove. This site, as well as Durdle Door itself, have been used in many films, TV series & music videos. 

From here you can tackle the 50 odd stairs that lead to Durdle Door. I say tackle the 50 stairs because the number is very misleading. It may only be 50 (I may have counted) but they are about 1.5m – 3m deep & really slippery. If you can’t do stairs, I suggest driving to the Durdle Door car park.Save on your hotel - www.hotelscombined.comCoast Path 1. A Swim Through The Door Coast Path 3. A Swim Through The Door

At the top of the hill, you get a stunning view over the Jurassic CoastlineSave on your hotel - www.hotelscombined.com

Go For a Swim

The view over Durdle Door is very beautiful, especially on a sunny day with the light reflecting off the water. But if you want to go for a swim, you’re going to have to make your way down the steep stairs to the pebbly beach.Durdle Door. A Swim Through The DoorJurassic Coast 3. A Swim Through The Door

Make sure you keep your shoes on! Those pebbles are not gentle on your feet.

We swam out to the Door & through to the other side to get a good view looking back towards the beach. It was spectacular, but don’t do this if you’re not a strong swimmer. It is almost definitely further away than it looks & there can be some strong currents on the other side.Save on your hotel - www.hotelscombined.comDurdle Door. A Swim Through The Door

For another sheltered bay, you could walk down to Man O’War Beach, it’s right next to Durdle Door, like RIGHT next to it.Man OWar Beach 2. A Swim Through The Door Man OWar Beach 2. A Swim Through The Door

Tick! This awesome experience has just been ticked off the bucket list. Though saying that it was only put on there a couple of days prior.

“One of the best bits about travelling is discovering the things that aren’t broadcast all over the place.”

Make sure you should add the Durdle Door in Dorset to your Bucket List. It is a beautiful day out & a great spot for a swim if you’re feeling brave.


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Title. A Swim Through The Door

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