DIY Christmas Wreath

DIY Bay Leaf Christmas Wreath -
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DIY Bay Leaf Christmas Wreath -

We are having our first Christmas together as a married couple in chilly old England, which is a bit of a shock to the system compared to Christmas in Australia. The cold has put me off a bit (it’s meant to be 25-30 C, not 5 C) so to help me feel a bit more Christmassy I have made my own DIY Christmas Wreath with pheasant feathers & all!

It was so simple so I thought I’d share a how-to with you. I even filmed the process, though my camera angle was a bit off & all I see when watching it is my lovely double chin from looking down the whole time. Forehead -Slap! I’m still going to put the video up, I just haven’t gotten around to editing & compiling it yet so hang tight for that.

DIY Bay Leaf Christmas Wreath -

Ok, so how do you make your very own Christmas wreath? Well, there are sooooo many different ways but first I’m going to show you my way & for some extra inspiration I have added some of my other favourite DIY Christmas Wreath designs at the bottom.

I have included a set of simple instructions, for those that are super crafty & just need a rough guideline, & a set of more detailed instructions (scroll to the bottom of the page), for those that like an exact step by step on making your very own DIY Christmas Wreath.

Materials & Tools

1 x Pair of Secateurs
1 x Pair of Scissors
1 x Pair of Plyers (if using wire coat hanger)
1 x Hot Glue Gun (Optional) 
1 x Large Round Bucket

2 x Thin Willow Canes or,
1 x Metal Macrame Ring (may be a bit easier to get your hands on)
1 x Roll of Green Garden Wire or Thin Florists Wire
Lots of Foliage from your garden or local florist
1 x Roll of Jute Twine 
3 or more Dried Orange Slices
6 x Pheasant Feathers or similar
1m of Copper LED Lights

DIY Bay Leaf Christmas Wreath -

Simple Instructions

  1. Shape the willow canes into a ring to the size you want. Let dry wrapped around a bucket for a week or longer.
  2. Use foliage in lengths of about 15-20 cm
  3. Add foliage to the ring. Use three pieces at a time & attach to only one side of the ring using the garden wire or florist wire.
  4. When adding a new section of foliage make sure you cover the wire from the previous one.
  5. Repeat the process until you reach where you started.
  6. At the finishing point attach the feathers & dried orange slices to decorate.
  7. Add a bow made of the jute twine.
  8. Thread the copper lights through the foliage.
  9. attach a loop to the back with the twine to hang

For more detailed instructions scroll to the end of this page.

DIY Bay Leaf Christmas Wreath -

DIY Bay Leaf Christmas Wreath -

DIY Bay Leaf Christmas Wreath -
DIY Bay Leaf Christmas Wreath - DIY Bay Leaf Christmas Wreath -

Detailed Instructions

  1. Shape the willow canes into a ring. Do this by creating a ring to the size you want (a large, round bucket is a good template) with one of the pieces of willow & then weaving the end of it around the ring to lock its size. Then get the other piece & weaved it around the ring you just made.
    To ensure that it was round shape it using the base of a large, round bucket. The longer you leave it on the bucket the more it will hold it’s shape as it dries out. Ideally, you’d do this up to a week before creating your wreath. Or just get your pre-made/sized macrame ring.
  2. Cut out a whole heap of short lengths of wire ready to use to attach the foliage to the wreath. About 10 cm long so that they wrap around the foliage & the wreath & still twist-tie easily.
  3. Prepare your foliage. I used small branches of a huge Bay Tree. Each piece was about 15-20 cm in length & I would say I used approximately 100 pieces+ for a 30 cm diameter wreath. The amount you use really depends on the bushiness you want for your wreath.
    I thought I had picked enough for 2 wreaths but it only just filled the one 30 cm wreath. But I wanted mine to be super bushy.
  4. Now you need to start adding the foliage to the wreath. Definitely the trickiest part. I added 3 pieces of foliage for every tie. You want to add the foliage to only one face of the wreath. Lay the wreath flat, put one piece of foliage on the top & the other 2 either side of the wreath.
    Fasten the foliage to the wreath with a tie. Place it about 1/3 of the way down the pieces of foliage & twist closed at the back of the wreath. 
  5. Repeat this process. Place each bunch of foliage just a little bit further down from the previous bunch the closeness depends on how bushy you want it to be. Remember to just put the foliage on one side of the wreath. You don’t want to cover the back side as it is doesn’t get seen & is a waste of foliage. The only thing on the back of the wreath should be the twist of the green wire ties.
  6. When you get around to the point you started you need to try to tuck the ends of the foliage under the first bits you attached so it looks like a continuous ring of foliage. 
  7. This point (the start & finish point) is usually the best spot to put your decorative feature because it never really matches the rest of the ring.
  8. To make your feature wrap a longer piece of wire around the wreath. Try not to put it over the top of the leaves, but tuck it in under as close to the original wreath as possible. Twist it to tie it off but make sure it is relatively loose so you can fit the feathers under it. 
  9. Slide the feathers under the tie. 3 pointing down & 3 pointing up. They should stay in place. If you are worried about them falling out you can secure them with the hot glue gun.
  10. Overlap the edges of 3 dried orange slices & secure them together by threading a piece of the jute twine around the overlapped edges or glue them together using a  hot glue gun. Secure them to the wreath using another piece of twine thread around the wreath & back up through the orange slices so you can tie it into a bow at the front. This bit probably sounds really confusing but I have no other way of explaining it. Just try to secure them to the wreath the best you can & if all else fails, forget about them & just wrap some jute or a ribbon around the feather quills & wreath & tie a bow.
  11. Thread the copper lights through the foliage, add a hanging tie (loop of jut or wire) to the back & hang on your front door.


Some More Inspiration

For some more inspiration here are 5 of my favourite DIY Christmas Wreaths.

  1. Asymmetrical Holiday Wreath by Paper & Stitch
    bay leaf DIY christmas wreath
  2. Woven Chunky Wool Wreath by We Are Scout
    bay leaf DIY christmas wreath
  3. Burlap Christmas Wreath by Love Of Family & Home
    bay leaf DIY christmas wreath
  4. Floral & Wheat Wreath by Nouba
    bay leaf DIY christmas wreath
  5. Foliage Wreath by A Quiet Style
    bay leaf DIY christmas wreath


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