Love, Proposals & Marriage – Part 1

My story of finding Mr Right, the proposal & the marriage.
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I’ve been told by the woman in my life that two of the happiest days in their lives have been their Wedding day & the birth of their child/children. For the first time in my life, I can understand what they meant & how they felt.

On May 6th I married my handsome husband. It was a stunning day filled with love, joy & laughter. And yes, it was the happiest day of my life so far.
And how could it not be, I was surrounded by friends & family in my favourite place, marrying the man I love. A trifecta of happiness if you ask me!

In The Beginning

I haven’t always pictured myself in a white dress at the altar like you hear a lot of girls do growing up. For a long time, I didn’t want to get married, it was never really a big thing for me. 

Eventually, I started looking at my relationships differently. Instead of just dating I started thinking about how deeply I felt about this person, could I see myself living my life out in their arms? Often it’d start out as “Yes, this guy’s the one!” but gradually over a rough period of 3 months my feelings would change and I’d just know that this guy wasn’t who I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. 

My story of finding Mr Right, the proposal & the marriage.

I don’t know if it was because deep down I knew I wasn’t ready for that sort of commitment or if that person really just wasn’t for me. I think I needed to develop my idea of what I wanted in a potential husband and without dating other guys I wouldn’t have known it when it was right.

And boy did I know when Mr Right came along.

It felt different from day one. I craved his company. I’m a pretty independent woman so for me this was a bit of a shock. I tried to keep myself in check, tried to keep up my guard but by a month and a half into the relationship I couldn’t keep it in and accidentally blurted out “Bye, Love you”. It was such a shock to me, I was so embarrassed. I hid under the blankets and couldn’t look at him.
He was so sweet about it, he came back and gave me a hug and kiss and said not to be embarrassed as it made him so happy inside.

That evening he said it back to me and we haven’t stopped saying it since. 

The Proposal

Mine wasn’t a fairy tale, totally shocked he proposed, type of proposal. We had talked about it and knew that one day we wanted to get married. It probably could have been but honestly, I’m a bit of a perfectionist and as much as I love the idea of him picking out a ring all on his own, I couldn’t keep out of it.

My story of finding Mr Right, the proposal & the marriage.

I know myself too well, if he proposed with something that wasn’t like what I had in mind I would have felt terrible. Overjoyed at the proposal but horrified at wearing a ring that I might not like for the rest of my life!

My story of finding Mr Right, the proposal & the marriage.

I showed him what I wanted and the type of stone and let him work it out from there. So there was still some surprise in the unveiling.

Leading up to the day he proposed we had been to so many nice places for dinner or trips and outings, his parents had been down and we’d been to nice places with them too. But still nothing.

My story of finding Mr Right, the proposal & the marriage.


My story of finding Mr Right, the proposal & the marriage.

He had one criterion before we got engaged he wanted to buy a house, which we had just done at this time. But still no proposal, yes, I was expecting or hoping for it to happen very soon. 

The night he proposed was gorgeous.

The night he proposed was gorgeous. He took us down to Balmoral Beach Pavilion Restaurant where we had a delicious degustation. Afterwards, we went for a walk and ended up in the rotunda lit up by fairy lights.  His love for me and the wish to spend the rest of our lives together was shared before he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

My story of finding Mr Right, the proposal & the marriage.


My story of finding Mr Right, the proposal & the marriage.

I was overjoyed as you could imagine. My eyes were full of tears when he asked if I liked the ring. To which I replied, ‘I can’t see it’ due to the tears and we laughed. 

It had happened, the man I loved, loved me enough to ask me to marry him and be his wife. Yep, just reread that sentence and it sounds super corny but hey, it is what it is.

My story of finding Mr Right, the proposal & the marriage.


My story of finding Mr Right, the proposal & the marriage.

Planning The Big Day

We discussed where we wanted to get married way before we actually got engaged. For me, it was an easy decision and when I suggested the location and showed it to the hubby, he was in total agreement.

Planning a wedding yourself is an interesting process. It happens in stages. First, you choose the day and book all the essential things like the ceremony & reception location, catering, celebrant, marquee if required, hire furniture if required and of course you need to start finding a dress.
It took 6 months to get my dress ordered in so I was so glad I didn’t leave it to the last minute.

I’ll be putting up a more in-depth post of how I planned my wedding and all the ins and outs soon.

After the first round of booking things, there was the tricky process of choosing the guests. We had a limit on the number of people we were able to have due to the size of the venue. On one hand, this was a blessing because it helped us to save some money and on the other hand it made it hard because we had to slowly whittle down our guest list. 

So the invites went out and all that was left was the list of little things I wanted to D I Y.

I had my list all ready to go and had 9 months to do it all. That 9 months went really quickly! It got to a month or 2 before the big day and I’d barely done anything. Quite a few things ended up getting crossed out to take that last minute pressure off. 

It’s funny really, once you’ve organised all the big ticket items there really isn’t that much left to do especially if you’ve organised someone to set up the venue. I found a lot of people asking me how the planning was going and if it was a bit stressful. When really it was pretty much done or couldn’t be properly organised until closer to the date.

My story of finding Mr Right, the proposal & the marriage.

Ok, so I’ve just realised that if I keep going with this post it’s going to end up being incredibly long. If you’re enjoying my love story you can continue reading about it in my next post  Love, Proposals & Marriage – Part 2.


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